What is Prefab Granite Countertops

Granite is definitely one of the most beautiful materials in the world to include in a home. It offers so much elegance and beauty that it is unparalleled to many other countertop materials, ranging in patterns and colours that include black, grays, blues, greens, pinks, browns, and yellows. Traditionally, granite has been a naturally occurring product that is then cut and polished to perfection and installed. Granite countertops can last for over a century and require minimal maintenance; however, their only drawback is their perceived expense. Newer granite products offer similar beauty but with a lower cost.
Granite is a stone that occurs naturally all around the world. It is mined through quarries in large slabs, which are then transported to different parts of the world. From there they are sent to wholesalers and retailers who further refine the product by cutting, shaping and polishing it to a shine. Then it goes into the showroom and is ready to be turned into a countertop or other household product for the kitchen, bathroom or bar. Because it is all natural, the cost is a bit higher than man made products, but its beauty can truly not be matched by anything else.
Prefabricated Granite
Prefabricated or Prefab granite are countertops made of real granite that are slightly less expensive than slab granite. The reason for this is that prefab granite is generally already cut to standard countertop sizes, the edges rounded off and shined to perfection. They often come with holes precut into them for standard sink sizes and faucets. The work on these is generally performed overseas and will result in savings for the customer, but may not be suitable for any non-standard countertop.
Manufactured Granite
Another kind of granite product is called manufactured granite and is a mixture of true granite, stone, and quartz mixed with a polyester resin. Theses slabs are polished shaped and sent to wholesalers and retailers. The cost of manufactured granite is similar to prefabricated and lower than true granite. While it is manmade, tests have shown that it holds up almost as long as natural granite and the average customer on inspection will find it difficult to differentiate between it and natural granite.
Granite Tiles
The last granite product available to consumers is a granite tile. The benefits of a granite tile is that there is low installation costs because most handymen can install it themselves. The overall cost of the granite is similar to natural, but savings come from labour. Granite tiles are easily cut to fit around fixtures and corners. However, one major downside is that the grout and tiles requires significantly more maintenance than pure granite.
Overall, granite is one of the most beautiful and stunning pieces of natural art in your home. The cost is well worth the investment, and with new prefabricated and manufactured granite coming onto the market, the investment for small projects may be easier to accept. Overall, granite is a natural and necessary choice for your kitchen countertops.